Ep 3/3 Take Actions and An Unforgettable Trip, AUSTRALIA

Ep 3/3 Take Actions and An Unforgettable Trip, AUSTRALIA

If you follow me on Instagram (Martin Plissonneau) you must have seen all trips I have done during my stay in Australia. Exploring the east coast, Kangaroo Island, Sydney etc.… to finish with the Outback. I would not say this last trip was the best of all because they were all freaking awesome and it is impossible to judge like that, but the bush’s trip is definitively something I will never forget. But guess what …? If I take the time to write something about this trip, there ain’t anything to say about it 😉

This trip represented in the end the perfect image of the positive attitude and how a random group of 10 people became a team over “only” 7000km. Who’s there? Well, it’s the story of 7 French and 3 British people exploring the bush looking for few kangaroos (even though we only saw one), strange rocks and keen to drive hours and hours in the middle of nowhere. Don’t expect me to give you a full detail of the things to see during the trip, there are already many blogs for that, I am going to review what made this trip magical with few unusual facts. There is no denying we got the best cars ever, Biggie and Robby. But now, let me tell you the story of Jul, Warrior Tori, Monstre, Tim Tam Tom, Blondie, Carotte, the newbies couple, Vegan Ed Sher and Pappy…

Day 1, time to pack all the stuff and start to drive. Smart arse I am came without a single blanket while the temperature can pick down to 0 during the night, thanks India for saving my life during this trip! So, we’re off starting to drive and make some quick stops around pink lake and Port Augusta which is the last “big” town before the desert. We spent the first night camping outside of the town experiencing one of the coldest night ever, we also discovered the first road trains (50 metres trucks) daring kangaroos in the night. At the moment, nothing special yet… Everything comes after…

To speak the truth, we exactly did the reverse of pretty much all safeties rules so if you plan on doing this trip, we’re maybe not the best example. Both of our cars consume a lot of gas and we had to stop everywhere but we underestimated the distance between the gas station and found ourselves in the desert with the needle below the E. No connection, second day on the trip and the other van already reached Cobber Peddy, the new destination… In the end, we were the only one driving at 60-70 km/h on the emptiest and biggest possible road just to be able to reach the city, even though we lost a little bit of time, we had to push Biggie beyond its limits and hopefully we made it! In the end, few minutes of stress but nothing too bad yet.

Cobber Peddy is the mining city of Opals, super deserted it looks like a mix of a Western town and a scenery of Star Wars. We spent the night here around a nice fire before heading North again and again. Nice morning for everyone, we all have one more time the Porridge breakfast which will fed us up until the end. Getting into a vegan lifestyle has been pretty interesting for a week, different food styles etc.… but it is not something I would be able to do in my whole life.

Well, road time today again and one of the longest drive as we have at least 7 hours to drive. Just to remind, it’s not possible to drive at all during the night because of the wildlife on the roads… Therefore, we must be efficient… Well no… we managed to loose each other over more than 500km. How can we explain Biggie was in Northern Territories and Robby in South Australia while we left Cobber Peddy together?

In fact, Robby used to drive faster than Biggie (first mistake…) an we lost each other like that. However, while we said we would stop at every gas station to make a checkpoint, Biggie did not stop at the first one (second mistake) and we did not see them passing through. No one could make a call to be sure everything’s good so we thought Biggie had an engine problem and after 30 min we decided to drove back towards Cobber to find them (while in fact they were driving the opposite way as they thought we were in front of them).

It’s been now 1h30 min we lost them as we start to go back to the North and stop everywhere to ask if Biggie has been seen. Going into the desert is a nice experience but it can become a nightmare if you get separated, don’t share equally food and water in the vans or even break something. You may see less than 10 cars a day sometimes. That’s exactly what happened to us. In the end, we could receive a text from them when we got 5 min of connection saying they were heading to Uluru and already in the North. We drove until we could but we had to stop somewhere on the road and camp in the real bush. Good thing bad thing, they got the water but we got the beers so everything was good for us (at least one night maybe). Once arrived in the Northern Territories, a man at a gas station recognised my French accent and clearly asked me if I did not loose my friends… Cheers mate! We knew they are now “only” 2 hours in front of us, so just 200km. In the end, after exactly 23 hours separated, we stopped at another gas station to refill Robby and we found them camping here by pure chance… But if we did not check a last time, we would have continued more to the North overtaking them and make things even worse. Hopefully, we sorted out everything and spent a nice day together around pancakes and an amazing sunset over Uluru.

We are now heading to King Canyon, a fabulous hike during the day compiled with a tons of white girl pictures. Yes, we did! This night was special again, and unfortunately this time, because Torri broke her wrist on 2 different parts after falling from a chair. It has been stressful for us as we decided to stop on a dust road out of nowhere and hundreds km of the next town and obviously it was in the middle of the night. I must reckon something, that girl ain’t a common girl. She endured the pain all night long as we were just unable to do anything else. The day after, we headed to Alice Springs, major city of the desert, where she had a surgery. Hopefully she was safe now and we could relax.

Blondie introduced us few Aussie friends who hosted us that night. It did turn up pretty quickly and that was really special as few hours before, we slept in the middle of nowhere. Now we could have a proper shower, good food and fresh beers in a warmed house. Let’s say that’s not what you expect to see in the bush… What a good night full of memories. Australians people are the friendliest and easiest-going people I have met. They know how to party… one of this dude even has his favorite beer brand tattooed on him!

After a nice party, we are now driving back home, met a simple guy on the road who’s actually doing his trip around the desert without any car, a pure camper sleeping everywhere and hailing cars on the way. I told you… Australians people got that little thing called, madness? What a crazy spirit they have! Well, a full trip with many adventures. We even got the chance of seeing a small shooting stars rain with a huge one which crashed probably few kms away of us.

This end up our trip and maybe now you understand why I would never forget this trip neither these people. I hoped you like this king of article, this is not what I have been posting the past times so if you like that kind of crazy story side to my trips I will keep on going. I want to bring more diversity on my blog and not post only sailing stuffs. Around my studies, this is now what I have been achieving. My goal last year was to compete and study and I did it! (US Nationals) This year, I knew I would be travelling a lot for school and personal stuffs so I decided to orientate myself around sharing all these trips with you, compete less but still! And keep diversity over all my different adventures. When you have something in your head, you have to take actions to make it concrete whatever your pairs will say. You are leading your own life and not the life they want you to have. Just do it, the only way to fail is to stay seated… Last but not least, don’t wait that famous opportunity, make it! If you wonder now why I will post this article in English, it is just because I want to keep diversity even though my writing is not perfect yet. 35% of you guys come from English speaking countries, even though google could translate my articles, I want to have more English people reading this blog, the only way is to keep going forward and take actions whatever the time it will take.


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