Back to Miami

Back to Miami



I am back to Miami for the last race of the US tour, read more to see how it was… 😉


Blog update a little bit late  this time. Indeed, my plane arrived to Montreal on Tuesday morning at 1 am. I spent two more hours to prepare my classes of the next day because I move on directly with a quiz. 3 small hours of sleep and let’s go for a whole day of school followed by a conference which I organize. All my last week was linked to this rhythm and thus I was not able to write anything.

But let’s return on Miami, I arrive two days before to get used and train as possible. The wind is present, I can have a nice warmp-up. Unfortunately, a small logistic problem prevents me from having my new Starboard for the race and I borrow boards everytime by hoping every day that the situation will improve. One thank you to all the people having saved me more than once with their boards. The first day of race come and everybody is there. The wind oscillates between 12 and 16 knots and fall slightly in the afternoon.


Registration, warm-up, skipper meeting and that’s it we’re ready to go. We made a total of 6 races even in some tricky and super light conditions for the last ones. Nevertheless, it was good because we knew that there was not much chance to race the next day. I finished 8th overall with a 5th as my best. Each race was really different from another one and we had to play with this everytime. Finally, we can see some big names like Josh Angulo or Jesper Vesterstrom in this top8 but the current leader remains Ethan Westera.dsc_5808

As expected, the next day the wind does not show up and we spent the first day off. We made several attempts but nothing passed. On the other hand, the forecast for the last day looked perfect. 18-20 knots steady.

Then, everybody left the beach early in the hope to have a beautiful day. Unfortunately the orientation of the wind is not good and the conditions are even worse than the day before. It is even too light to foil. The prize-giving is made and I remain 8th. This first session was very tough for me and I did not train enough to my mind but I am still super happy with this result which shows that I can always be there even in the most complicated moments at the University.

Really nice to be on the race course with this guy again, Aron Etmon
Really nice to be on the race course with this guy again, Aron Etmon

I wish to thank all the people who helped me during this competition just like my sponsors without anything would be possible.

Blandin Martinique, Samir industrie. Also IFJU fins, Starboard windsurfing, Unifiber, Espace Windsurf and LIFT Session.

Photos : Osvaldo Zamora, Manuel Rosquette, Petra Etmon.


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