What’s Up Montreal ?

What’s Up Montreal ?

After Maui, I went back to Montreal and then Martinique for a total of two months. It was a perfect summer to chill and have fun but unfortunately not so much wind. I used these 2 months to work and finance a part of my season because for the first time I will enjoy my winter in Australia ! 🙂 

More precisely in Adelaide, South Australia. But at the moment, I need to focus on school as I started a month ago my 3rd year in HEC Montreal. Since I am back in town, I focus a lot on my physical preparation to be in shape for 2017. It is getting there and it took me only two weeks to regain my summer losses… Eat School Eat Train Eat Eat and Eat : Slalom gainzzz

In september the wind picked up a little bit and I could have some sessions out of Montreal even if I was already in a 5 mm wetsuit…. and they used to call it summer


I met some awesome people during this month, I could try one of the most popular spot in Quebec named Oka. I have heard many things about this spot and yes it is definitively a nice one! Either choppy or flat area with strong wind.  It was really crowded with kites and windsurf riders on the water but the spot is big enough for everyone. For me it was really far as I did not have any car. I had to take an Uber with my gear to go there !!


Finally, all my school projects are taking me a lot of time and I cannot windsurf during the week. It is getting colder now but still ok. I am now waiting for the wind to be back but also to receive some new boards and hit the water again before it freeze !! I don’t think we’ll be able to ride until the end of november this year, looks cold… hopefully I leave 😉 img_4242

Well, that’s it ! Nothing more to say about this month, it is the start of the season and things are happening slowly but surely. By the way, I am getting some good news for the next article, so stay tuned. The next official race and last one of the US tour will be the Miami Slalom Open in november. I am just so eager to go there and skip for at least week the cold !! I aslo received the new PrePreg Unifiber Carbon booms, so stay tuned for the second version of « my choice », I can just say at the moment they’re sick !!!!

Thanks for reading and see you next time with some evolution of my season



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