Review of the New Unifiber products – MY CHOICE

Review of the New Unifiber products – MY CHOICE

I am going to give you a little review of different products I currently use with Unifiber and why I prefer these compare to others. I will deal this in two different articles and today we’re going to see the new ultimate race extension, the roof rack bag and the harness I use.



ÉLITE Stainless Steel


I don’t use carbon extensions but alloy ones in slalom. The 2016 Elite is the best one for me, easy downhauling, super light and sand proof. Moreover, it is delivered with a Dyneema rope and got a sick design! What I like a lot is the small rope they used unlike of the clip button to insert the mastfoot. It makes the extension lighter, easier to insert (and stronger) and sand proof. This is the best one you can use in terms of racing, if you are not a slalom sailor, Unifiber will offer you many others extensions at even a lower price.


Roofrack Quiverbag


This bag is just so big and can hold pretty much everything. It is well protected and you can easily travel with it. It holds a board plus booms and sails. The top asset are the multiple tie-down-strap anchor points for rock-solid tightening without crushing the sails. If you are not flying with it, you can place a lot of gears in it. It doesn’t absorb water (super super helpful when you arrive at the airport with wet bags…) and even if the bag is black it doesn’t get hot for your gears inside. It is a heavier than a classic sailbag but there are more protections and it can take a board also, so yes you need to be wise when you pack for travel but you also need to be wise to save your gears!


Thermoform Waist SC


Support and comfort are the main assets of the harness. I am pretty happy to have found a harness that I can use for both slalom and wave sailing. It has a fixed hook and a thermoform shape that memorize your body shape. With the molded shape there are any stress point on your back and it is super light (plus water repulsive). If you like a sliding hook I would advise you the Thermoform Waist FL. The classic race harness is also pretty nice with a really low hook and good construction. For all them you have a small key pocket and a quick release system. Be nice with the quick realease system or the rope will rapidly break, even if it happens it is super easy to use or even to fix. I don’t use a race harness as I feel now better with a waist one and it is easier to travel with only one harness but if I would have a big long distance, I may take again the race one. The SC doesn’t twist on your body and give you a safe support.


To conclude, I chose this extension because it is the best one for racing with some new features that only Unifiber offers, this bag is the most versatile with its double pockets and this harness is the best one I have ever tried, offering the versatility again and a perfect shape. On top of that the design is super nice. Next time, we are going to see three different products and why I use these ones and not others. Thank you for reading and keep pushing on the water!


If you would like to have a review of a specific product I use, just send me a message on my Facebook page.

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