Miami Slalom Open (english version)

Miami Slalom Open (english version)

I arrived on Wednesday, November 11th to get ready quietly, discover the spot etc….

Friday: beginning of the competition, but no wind. We spend a whole day at the beach. I take advantage of it to meet people, make contacts etc…. I was also great to meet big North American windsurfers such as Diego Domenianni, Philip Muller and many more.12249567_473927912791459_762670499629239530_n

People asked me how I alternate with the school, how works the new Maui etc…. That really motivates me to continue even more hardly, every year repercussions increase.
I also thank the organization for this beautiful welcome. But also for this magnificent competition where everything was super well prepared .



Saturday : The wind gets up quite slowly but the day is marked by the rain and the thunderstorm. With a wind varying from 25 to 0 knots in thirty seconds and different orientations, it was impossible to throw a race. Finally by 1 pm, a fun long distance is raced. I finish second on the adult fleet. I used my biggest gears (8,4 Mauisails TR XI, 117 isonic, 43cm IFJU fins),  little in mode survival at the beginning because I needed it to face the drop after the grain, and it paid. I spent the rest of the day making photos on the water before the thunderstorm does burst.12219415_473928032791447_6936542128392321063_n

Sunday : last racing day, the skipper meeting is at 8 am, the wind blows between 25 and 30 knots (then 20-25 at the end of the day). It’s time to run!! I prepared my 7,0 and am going to test the conditions with Jesper. There is a tight and close chop r and buoys are wet on a reef to facilitate the thing. I thus return quickly to adjust the gears. We launched finally 8 races. I begin not so bad with a 4th place. But the lack of wind in October and thus the lack of training is felt. I made some errors which gives me some races of 8-9th.


I managed to win the race 3 in the adults. I am thus VERY irregular, in my big misfortune, it impacts on the result. Until the race 6, I was on the podium but a material break prevents me from finishing the race and I am thus DNF (do not finish). It removes me officially from the podium. Even if it passes the discard there, my races where I end 8 or 9th penalizes me. I finish the rest of the races between the 3th and 5th place.

In the end, I finish 5th overall and first in youth (U21).

I am very satisfied with this presentation, I scored a bullet, finish in front of an ancient overall pro, and finish first in youth !!!12274721_473844062799844_3730213940248692819_n

This event also allowed me to meet Jesper Vesterstrøm who coached me well during the competition and even later. Thanks man !!12234953_473929172791333_4081465542092331390_n


Little break between two races where I meet an old friend’s brother : Kevin Gleizes aka the new superstar #ss9 who tried himself on the TR XI.


Accompanied by the non-slightest second superstar Claudia Romani, it was a pleasure to spend a moment with these new friends before going back to the water.

After a flight a little longer than planned, I am in Montreal catching up my classes. The winter comes slowly and it becomes difficult to windsurf. This competition marks the end of my season. It’s time to take a maximum of mass before the beginning of 2016 to attack even more hardly!!;-)

Stay tuned

All the others pics (and there are plenty) will be soon on the « photos pages ».

Photos : Tillo International, Osvaldo Zamora, Manuel Rosquete, Claudia Romani.



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